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We’ve all missed opportunities to connect with people at conferences, trade shows, and other networking events for a variety of reasons. Qwigle is a mobile app that makes it fast and easy to connect electronically with others by  scanning a QR code with your smartphone.

Qwigle comes with a built-in scanner that works through your phone’s camera. It also assigns a unique QR code to each user. Users connect by scanning the QR code of the person they wish to connect with. A scan leads to a mutual  exchange of digital cards between both phones, replicating a business card hand-off between two people. It’s what makes Qwigle truly unique.

All you do is install the app ( available on App Store and Google Play Store), complete your profile, add a profile picture and activate your social links by touching the icons. Qwigle generates your digital card which always stays on your phone.

Think of a digital card as an electronic business card. You simply touch icons to call, email, message people, connect with them on social sites, or browse their websites. You can also add contacts to your phone book with one touch.

Qwigle not only provides you with an electronic business card that always stays on your phone, it is also your private rolodex. All your incoming contacts stay organized in one place and are backed up on the cloud so you never lose them. If your information changes, you can dynamically edit and sync with your contacts anytime.

Qwigle works on both Android and iOS, and lets you connect across both platforms. It can be used by businesses to capture customer information and leads at trade shows and points of sale. Businesses can display their message in high-traffic areas along with their QR code. When prospects scan it, they receive information from the business, and the business receives contact information from prospects and leads. Qwigle can serves as a very effective tool for businesses to generate high quality leads in local markets and reach them immediately.

Qwigle’s MVP is available for download on App Store and Google Play Store in USA and Canada.

Qwigle co-founders Shimantika Kumar and Shyam Kumar bring a lot of passion and enthusiasm to enabling easy, face-to-face networking for individuals and businesses.

Shimantika’s experience is in B-to-B marketing and selling, communications and consumer behavior. She is focused on establishing a relationship with Qwigle’s early adopters. Shyam’s background is in corporate strategy and entrepreneurship. He guides Qwigle’s competitive strategy and product development.

For more information on Qwigle, please contact the co-founders at the address below:

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Networking face-to-face is a rare privilege and opportunity. Always stay prepared with Qwigle.