How To Use Qwigle

Qwigle is intuitive and should be fun to explore. We have provided instructions with screen shots to help guide you along the way. You can browse either by topic, or by entering your query in the search bar below:

1. User Registration

First-time users must register on this screen. Fill out your first and last name and your mobile phone number starting with area code, so you can receive your unique QR code.  You must enter the number of the mobile device on which you have downloaded Qwigle, then tap “Send Verification Code” to receive a verification code by text message.

If you’ve used Qwigle before and are already registered, you may skip this form. Just tap “Already Registered? Click Here!” to proceed to the next screen.

2. Previously Registered Users

If you’ve used Qwigle before and are re-installing the app, enter your phone number starting with area code on this screen. Then tap on “Send Verification Code” to receive your code via text message.

3. Verification Code

Once you enter your name and phone number correctly and tap on “Send Verification Code”, you will receive a text message with your code. Enter it in the box on this screen. Your verification code is the number on the body of the message, and NOT the number on the message header. Please enter it correctly to avoid getting locked out by the system, then Tap “Verify”.

In case you do not receive a verification code, please tap, “No Verification Code? Let’s Try This Again” to start over.

The phone number you enter, must belong to the device on which you’ve downloaded Qwigle. If you enter any other phone number, like your Google Voice or office phone number, this will not work.

4. Exchange – My QR Code

To get to your QR code or scanner, please tap Exchange on the navigation bar. The Exchange screen lets you access your QR Code and Scanner. The picture alongside displays the QR code. The QR code on your screen is unique to you and is associated only with your device.

You can access your scanner by tapping on the Scanner button (shown circled in red here).

You can exchange digital cards with others either by using your scanner to scan their QR code, or letting them scan your QR code with their scanner.

To let someone scan your QR code, just open your app to this screen and hold it out for them to scan. Once scanned, they will have your digital card and you theirs.

5.  Exchange – Scanner

Qwigle comes with an integrated scanner which works through your phone’s camera. The app needs your permission to access the camera, without which you won’t be able to use the app.

To use the scanner, tap on Exchange on the navigation bar, then tap the Scanner button (circled in red in the figure).

You can exchange digital cards either by letting someone scan your QR code with their  scanner, or by scanning their QR code with yours.

To scan a QR code, simply point your camera at their QR code making sure it is visible within your device’s scanning area (indicated by the corner markers), and hold steady.

If your sound volume is turned up, you will hear the scan. If your volume is not turned up, you will see the corner markers of your scanner turn green indicating a scan has been completed.

6. Successful Scan

Whenever you complete a scan successfully, a red notification bubble will appear next to Contacts on the navigation bar on your phone (see figure).

The number inside the bubble indicates the number of scans you’ve completed since you last opened your Contacts screen. The bubble will disappear once you open your Contacts screen.

The date and time of your scans are also recorded and visible on your contacts’ profiles. If you’ve given Qwigle permission to access your location, the location (city/state) of each scan will also be recorded. This feature helps you remember when and where you connected with someone, giving you some context.

7.  Creating Your Profile and Adding Social Icons

Once you’ve registered your app and received your QR code, it is time to create your profile. Tap the Profile button on the navigation bar to start creating your profile. Tap the edit icon on the top right corner of the screen to start entering or editing your information.

You can add an image or profile picture by clicking on the camera icon to the left of your name and pick a photo from your camera roll.

To share your social links, simply tap on the icons you want to share with others. The icons you tap will turn blue indicating they have been added to your profile. Please note that by adding a social icon to your profile, you are letting people who connect with you on Qwigle, access your profile page, follow you, and send you a request to connect on that site.

If you wish to delete a social link from your profile, tap it again and it will turn grey, indicating it has been removed from your profile and will no longer be shared with your contacts.

Please note: to add a social link to your profile, you must install that social app on your phone and be logged into your account. Otherwise this feature will not work. For example,  to add LinkedIn to your Qwigle profile, make sure you install the LinkedIn app on your phone, then log into your LinkedIn account using the app.

8. Editing Profile and Auto-Sync

Click on the blue Edit icon to the top right corner of the screen to create or edit your profile.

You can add as much information as you’d like to share. Add something interesting about yourself under About Me. This is a great place to add hobbies and interests.

Please remember to save your information after you are done editing.

Every time you edit your profile information, it automatically syncs with everyone you are connected to. This ensures your contacts always have your latest information, letting you stay connected effortlessly.

9. Searching and Deleting Contacts

The Contact screen displays your contacts in the order in which they were scanned. Your most recent scan appears right on top. All scans have a time and date to help you remember when and where you scanned someone. If you’ve given Qwigle permission to track your location, scans will also have the city and state where you connected.

 You can search contacts by entering their name, organization, or the city and state where you connected with them. As you type, you will see matches automatically appear on your screen.

To see a contact’s details, click anywhere on the box containing the contact’s name and it will take you to their digital card.

To delete a contact permanently, swipe left on the box containing their contact name.

10.  Digital Card/Clickable Card/Contact Card

When you fill out your profile information and save it, Qwigle generates your digital card, aka clickable card. That is what others receive when you exchange contact information with them.

This figure shows a fully completed digital card with contact information, icons for calling, messaging and emailing. You can tap on these icons to make a phone call, email or message your contacts. You can also add them to your phone’s address book (tap this  icon to the top right of the screen), and follow or connect with them on social media.

You can add your own notes for each contact and save it.

11. More

This screen lets you invite a contact on your phone’s address book to download Qwigle. You can send them a text containing links to the App Store and Play Store. Just start typing the name of the contact you want to share Qwigle with and the field will auto-populate.

You can also send us feedback if you face any technical issues with the app, or have suggestions to improve it, attaching an image from your phone or computer.