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Trade shows, conferences and exhibitions are a flurry of people and activities. It’s difficult talking to customers and entering information into your CRM or CMS so you can followup later. Business cards, badge scanners and other lead retrieval  tools don’t seamlessly transfer leads into your system or help recall conversations. Valuable time is lost recalling conversations and manually entering leads!

 Don’t let these inefficiencies slow you down! Network smarter with Qwigle instead.

Qwigle is a complete networking solution you carry with you everywhere. Just install the app and create your profile before your next event. You’ll instantly receive your very own QR code and scanner, and be able to create a digital card on your phone that stays with you always. You’ll never run out of business cards again!

Qwigle lets you seamlessly connect and exchange digital cards with people just by scanning their QR code, or letting them scan yours. Connect with as many as 5 people successively in less than 30 seconds- so helpful when you’re networking at a busy conference or trade show! Edit and sync your information whenever you need to.

Easily organize the digital cards you receive, and store them separately from yours. Followup with contacts by phone, text, email- all from within the app. All information is updated and securely backed-up on the cloud. Qwigle is your digital card, rolodex, and a handy communication tool in one convenient app.

Available on Android and iOS, Qwigle works across platforms so you can connect with anyone regardless of their operating system. It’s the only app you’ll need to network effectively, collect leads effortlessly and be highly productive. Check out our MVP on App Store or Google Play Store today!