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Exchanging contacts while networking, or capturing leads at trade shows can be tricky! You exchange business cards, or try to connect on social media, but miss out on opportunities all too often.


Business cards aren’t easy to keep track of. Typing into your phone or connecting on social media take time and can detract from the interaction. Why take chances? Connect easily with Qwigle instead.


Qwigle lets you create an electronic card that’s always on your phone. Just complete your profile, add a profile picture or company logo, and your social links. Remember to save. Then seamlessly exchange digital cards right from your phone by scanning their QR code with your built-in scanner, or letting them scan yours.


All your in-coming digital cards stay organized in one place and are backed up on the cloud so you can never lose them. You can also edit your information should it change, and automatically sync with your contacts.


Qwigle works on Android and iOS, and lets you connect with anyone regardless of their phone’s operating system. It’s the only app you’ll need to efficiently grow and stay connected to your network.

An opportunity to connect with the right person is a rare thing. Always be prepared with Qwigle.

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