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Networking at trade shows, conferences and expos can get quite tricky and overwhelming. You find yourself constantly multi-tasking – scanning  badges and business cards, connecting with people on Linkedin, answering questions, handing out information…it can get very exhausting! You could end up  talking to lots of people, and still missing out on high quality leads!


The networking technologies available today are inefficient and yield poor results. Business cards must be scanned and the errors fixed. Connecting on your phone or social media are slow and distracting. Yet other methods involve multiple steps, only to produce poor results. Why let them get in your way? Network conveniently and get great results with Qwigle instead!


Qwigle creates a digital card that’s always on your phone. Once you install the app, just complete your profile, add a profile picture and your social links. Remember to save. Qwigle then automatically generates your digital card. You can  exchange it seamlessly with others by scanning their QR code with a built-in scanner in your app. No more running out of business cards…ever!


Your incoming digital cards are all vetted. They stay organized and are backed up on the cloud, so you never lose them. You can edit your information anytime and sync with your contacts.


Qwigle works on Android and iOS, and lets you connect electronically regardless of operating system. It’s the only app you’ll ever need to efficiently grow and stay connected to your network!




An opportunity to connect with the right people is a rare privilege. Always be prepared with Qwigle.

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