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Conferences and trade shows are a flurry of people and activities. Exchanging business cards, scanning badges, writing notes while talking to prospects and customers is tricky. By the time you get done, you’ve already forgotten much of your conversations !

 As a professional who values their time and productivity, you can’t afford to let this get in your way. You ought to network smarter with Qwigle!

Qwigle is a complete mobile networking solution on your phone. Just install the app to receive your unique QR code and scanner that works through your phone’s camera. Once you complete your profile which takes only a minute, Qwigle will generate your very own digital card that always stays on your phone. You’ll never run out of business cards again!

Connect seamlessly with others on the go. Exchange contact information with multiple people at conferences and trade shows by scanning their QR code. Edit your information anytime and sync with your contacts. Qwigle is quick and versatile.

Organize and store digital cards you receive from others separately from your own. Add notes to each contact. Followup by phone, text or email- all from a single screen on your app. All your information stays securely backed-up on the cloud. Qwigle is your digital card and rolodex in one convenient app.

Available on Android and iOS, Qwigle works across platforms so you can connect with anyone regardless of their operating system. It’s the only app you’ll need to network efficiently. Check out Qwigle on App Store or Google Play Store today!